Week 24 – Being Kissed With A Sweet Lie

Doing Some Left Hand Brainstorming Related To The Last 6 Months:

University Of Life                                          Ph.D.

Whispers Of Your Heart                             River Of Dreams

Humility                                                         I’m This, I’m That

Breathing                                                         Rotten Brain Cells

Immobility                                                      Insatiable, Torturing Desires

No Opinion                                                      Addiction Of Thoughts

I Have A Mind                                                I’m My Mind

Eternal Freedom                                            Mined By Fear

Homo Spiritus                                                 Nationalistic

Answering The Call                                       Glamorous Spiritual Fraud

Golden Buddha                                                 Puppet On A String

Doing OATA                                                        Over-Ambitious

Doing                                                                 Getting

Service Driven Love Entity                            Worrying

Eat That Frog, Hedgehog!                               Like A Fox

One Blow Against A Mighty Oak                  Instant Gratification

Authentic Relationships                             Jack And Jill

Effortlessly                                                    Root Of the Ego

Irradiating Joyous Serenity                      Escaping Into Pleasure

Kong Qi                                                           Hypnotizing Brussel

Tender Wounds                                             Blind Love Flirting With Madness

Choosing                                                          Blue Pill

Miracles Are Natural                                 Everyday Nonsense

To Love Simplicity                                       Thirst Of Realization

Eternal Do It Now                                       Authority Of Our Past And Future

Lazy Garfield                                                Busy Approval Seeking

Purposeful Raindrop                                 Cock-A-Doodle-Doo On My Night Table

My Favourite Birdsong                             Romantic Proposal From My Laptop

Sacred Hour                                               Gnawing Void In My Belly

Gate To The Celestial City                       My Truth, Your Truth

Self-Reliance                                              Stubborn As A Donkey

Dancing On The Astral Plane                 Feeling Homesick

Raising Consciousness                             Inability To Love

Sensing At-One-Ment                              Delicious Illusion

Above All Loving Myself                       Kissed With A Sweet Lie


Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie. – Russian Proverb


Week 23 – The Worlds Purpose is Perfectly Rainbow-Colored

23 weeks have passed and I’m still confused about what is my definite major purpose! But I accept that I don’t have to know it that right hot minute. I feel that the cement around my heart starts to fall apart! I recognize more and more often, when I’m in an ego-driven energy, when I’m pursuing an artificial desire! I feel moments of peace without any special reason! Awesome! I catch myself praying, something I haven’t done since my childhood! Hallelujah! I jump out of bed -almost- every morning, excited about my day, waking me up with a freaking cold shower, chanting: “I’m whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!”, I sit daily in Silence, letting go of the desire of thoughts! I’m excited about the discovery of a new spiritual awareness, a new passion! I confess I’m not that loyal with my OATA and my Sacred Hour!

“Do I want a different life or am I just trying to improve the one I have?”

Being aligned with the Truth is what I’m seeking. My Dharma will unfold itself through this alignment! With effortless Ease!

I’m whole and perfect and so is my life and the world. I don’t have to change it, it is perfect how it is. I trust that there is justice. Perfectly multicolored! It doesn’t needs my Dogooderism, because it’s appearance is only a projection of my own mind. Although every single loving thought, word or deed has an influence on the universe, the world and myself. I don’t need to convince the world to accept my point of view. I enjoy being the silent observer!

I take the responsibility to radiate happy vibes during my every day life, as a daughter, sister, friend and routinologist. And above all I love myself, having the ability to response gentle to my perfect imperfections. himmelscheibevonNebra

Give more, get less!

That’s how I feel when I’m obscured with my pityful small me!

Give More, Get More!

That’s how I feel when I’m connected with my Powerful Great Me!

Forest? Dancing? Denatology?

Magnifying Glass, magnifying Glass on my Laptop, tell me what is the fairest picture of them all?

My Heart Shapes My Reality! Amen!





Week 21 – Keep Calm and take a Quantum Leap!

Doubt of Great Dreams!
Infinitely big Univers!
Wiggling in perfect Harmony!
Infinitesimal Cherries everywhere!

Transitory adventure!
Silence! Smell of a Flower!
Following my Compass!
Silence! Sun on my Face!
Hope of Great Dreams!
Silence! Rain in my Hand!
Magnifying glass!
Slaying the dragon!
Silence! Smell of an Angel!
Faith of Great Dreams!
Living as if my prayers are already answered!
Fun! Fun! Fun!
In the light!
Eternal adventure!
Everything is jumping around!




“Matter is Energy. Energy is Light. We are all Light Beings.” Albert Einstein

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Week 20 – The Side-Effect of the Red Pill


“You are living in a dreamworld, Amanda!”    Universal Mind

Am I able to listen to this subtle voice of the universal mind? Ready to expand my Comfort Zone in facing fear, hurt feelings, anger, guilt, unworthiness? Observing them and waking up from the dreamworld I’m living in! What is it covering up? It seems that underneath is always fear! What for? Is fear a survival mechanism that protects me? Or is it just a fantasy that blinds me from the nitty gritty reality, fooling me to keep me alive? Would the person I intend to become take the blue or the red pill? Would this person go beyond the cheap little payoffs of my false me that takes so much unnecessary energy? Would it reverse the false programs of my very own mind, emotions I’m enslaved by? Programmed to belief that I’m mainly my body! My biggest attachement! Being duped by fearful feelings during years, fooling me the ultimate deadline: death!

I want to See the 1. Reality behind the Mirror! I intend to be free! I intend to live the Eternal Moment! I intend to feel that there is no seperation between me and the rest of the Univers. Being At-One-ment with all things. Waking up every morning, grateful for another day, choosing the Red Pill and asking myself how can I uplift You, Him, Her, Them, Our life? Reminding myself that I’m a Spiritual Being having 68 Springs left as Amanda Ira Clematide!